A Guide To Emergency Tooth Extractions

The fear that you may need emergency care at an ungodly hour can be overwhelming. Well, there’s no reason to panic as professionals for emergency tooth extraction in Zanesville have you covered.

That said, you may want to know what you can do before you get to the dentist. With this article, you get a quick guide to emergency tooth extractions and all you need to know about them.

How To Tell An Emergency

There’s a difference between discomfort and a dental emergency. It is crucial to know the difference between the two. That way, you neither overlook a problem nor make a big deal out of nothing.

Signs Of An Emergency

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●    Unstoppable bleeding

●    Knocked out or loose permanent tooth

●    Jaw swelling

●    Severe toothache

Signs Of A Non-Emergency

●    Lost crowns, fillings, or bridges

●    Broken or cracked teeth

●    Dull toothache

●    Lost or damaged retainers or mouthguards

●    Food stuck in teeth

Home Remedies

Before heading to the dentist for your emergency tooth extraction, a few home remedies could alleviate some of the pain.

Here’s what you can try regardless of whether you’re having an emergency or just mild discomfort:

●    Rinse with warm salt water in case of irritation and swelling.

●    Floss in case you feel something stuck between your teeth. Often, this is the cause for discomfort around just one tooth.

●    Use a cold compress to reduce swelling, bleeding, and numbing.

●    Use hydrogen peroxide, if you have some, as a mouthwash to kill bacteria and relieve irritation. However, be careful not to swallow it.

●    In case you have a knocked-out tooth, don’t handle it by the root. Wash it with water.

●    Try to place a knocked-out tooth back in the socket. If you can’t, keep it in a glass of milk till you go to the dentist.

Final Thoughts

With this, you have an essential guide to emergency tooth extractions. The primary takeaway here is to analyze the situation carefully without jumping to conclusions. Once you do that, stay calm and try some home remedies till you get to the dentist.