Dealing With Pets And Animals With Artificial Grass

One of the biggest reasons that people get artificial grass or use artificial turf is because they have animals or other conditions that could do damage to natural grass.   If you have animals there are a few things that you can do to ensure the grass is easily maintained.

Pest waste

The first thing that comes to mind is pet waste.  If your pet does their business be it number one or number two, the best thing to do is deal with it afterwards.  For example, if they do number one, you can use a hose and soapy water.  Simply spray down the area and allow the water to naturally drain off into drains or other areas that are setup to manage the water.  If you don’t have drains, consider using a carpet cleaner or wet dry vac.  For solid waste or number two, allow it to dry then remove it with a gloved hand or brush.


Many people will install an artificial grass lawn thousand oaks option to prevent their dogs and cats from digging holes in the ground.  Since the product will feel weird on their paws and this product is typically installed over a concrete slab or even wood, it will be difficult to impossible to dig through it making holes.

Companies such as Tri-County Turf will use these scenarios to show people how resilient the product is as well as all of the different options available to people who are considering this product in their own construction.

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Outdoor areas for your pets

For those that live in apartments and condos, this product may be a great option for those that have pets.  It you have cats and dogs and don’t have a lot of area for them to lay or run around, you can use the artificial turf as an areas to give them a piece of outdoors inside.